In providing an array of networking among independent computer professionals that are skilled, trained and best at what they do, we are able to create the best IT support solutions.

Technical Services

Professional services designed to enhance and sustain a wide range of IT and communication systems to customers throughout the different phases of their IT implementation cycle

  • Network design, Implementation & Monitoring Support

  • Project management & implementation

  • Software & System Support

  • Machine Configuration & installation

  • Product Procurement

  • Wireless Configuration & Installation

  • Disaster Recovery

  • IT Training

Application Solutions

Supply of turn key IT solutions primarily for horizontal industry application and a comprehensive portfolio of industry – specific solutions.


  • Project Management & Implementation

  • User Training & On-going Technical Support

  • Software Hosting & Maintenance Services

E-Commerce Solution

Open Source Solutions

Open source implementation services:

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • High availability solutions
  • Corporate file server
  • Proxy server
  • DNS server

Security Solutions

  • Firewall and router installation and configuration

  • Load balancing and fail-over: Firewall, routers, proxies, web, database, and mail servers

  • Proxy service: WWW, FTP

  • E-mail content filtering

  • DMZ networks: Secure WWW, Mail gateways, and DNS servers

  • Centralized Logging systems

  • Virus protection

  • Intrusion detection systems and analysis

General Supplies

Our targets have been directed to compliment the needs and requirements various field of supply. Our efforts have been targeted towards the private and public sectors.  


  • Computer media & consumable

  • OA equipment

  • Sports equipment & Attire

  • Safety & Health Services equipment

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Test and Measurement Instruments

  • Audio – Visual Equipment

  • Furniture

Systems Integration

Core technologies and integration services for IT & e-business infrastructure. Supply and installation of full range of IT products, systems and related supplies for general business application:

  • Product procurement and fulfillment

  • Systems integration

  • Web design and multimedia production

Call center applications